Soul Food

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Soul food

I heard some rumours is it true so far
they said you got a brand new car – say said so!

haven’t I shown I can’t believe
here it is my latest iPhone – mac mac!

this years holiday will be a dom rep trip
that’s a scorcher, isn’t it? – hollowday!

hey look I have one thousand facebook friends
they show me every meal and romance – I like it!

I can’t get no, you can’t get no – soul food

flatrate, nerflix, spotify
media overkill makes me high – bäm!

find my favourite porno queen,
get her ip and start a stream – wet it up!

my special gift for xmas is
you would’nt believe a new pair of tits – grab it!

fastfood on every corner will stop your hunger
more time for dullness – fat man!

© & ℗ Johnny Ska