Reggae Bitch

JRRF News Lyrics
reggae bitch

don’t judge me by my appearance
you just can’t see inside
you’re blinded by my style
but I still feel alright

you think you are superior
be in a glasshouse don’t throw stones
don’t make me feel inferior
advanced opinion is a precious good

i am just a little reggae bitch
i ain’t special and i ain’t rich
but i really do know who i am
in spite of the things people say

what’s wrong about my hairstyle
boots, braces and tattoos
don’t listen to the rumours
judge not if there’s no proof

you think you are superior …

better watch your step
the world keeps turnin
things will change, so keep on moving

Outdated views keep you behind
free your mind, lift those curtains down inside.

Open up for things you fear
sex, color, style and race ain’t base
to prejudge anyone, in case
take a close look, man think twice
listen up take my advice

things just ain’t as they occur
you might ask before you curse
cause rejection is most of the time
a lack of knowledge, no need for crime

So better watch your step
mind your business
mark my words
let me tell this

you think you are superior …

© & ℗ Johnny Ska